Personal Custom Hypnosis Sports Recordings Target Your Exact Training / Performance Needs - for Elite Athletes, Competitors, Teams & Coaches

* Includes $100 of Bonus Extras:
* 'Bedtime version' value $25  * Motivational 'Car Recording' value $25
* 'Subliminal Night-time Recording' value $25  * The Power of Belief' value $25
* Ready in 1-3 days on mp3

Sometimes you need to take it to the next level.  While our pre-recorded programs reinforce all the important aspects of the different sports - focus, speed, technique, belief etc, and bring about excellent results - elite athletes often require training aspects to be fine-tuned, and issues to be addressed more directly and personally.  This is where custom sports hypnosis recordings come in. 

Athletes, coaches and sports teams often have personal sporting needs - that require a far more personalized approach to their mental training.

This is why I create many hypnosis / visualization recordings each week for elite competitors from all sports - from intermediate level through to elite world, National and Olympic standard.

No matter what your sport - these can be easily created for you personally by myself, Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp.). These custom hypnosis recordings are designed to help you achieve your goals in your own particular sport, overcome particular problems such as nerves, intimidation, concentration etc, as well as create new automatic reactions and a powerful new mindset.


These are common aspects athletes often want to either improve, or include, on their recordings:

* belief   * nervousness
* concentration   * intimidation
* power   * accuracy / precision
* speed   * technical skills
* consistency   * bad habit removal
* mental clarity   * automate responses
* fitness   * pain management
* discipline   * nutrition
* training motivation   * accelerated healing
* coach's advice   * your inspirations
* whatever you need to succeed!    


You are also very much a part of the creation process, as I email various drafts of the script to you along the way for your approval, which you can edit and personalize to your satisfaction, before sending them back to me to work on further - and we do not go to the recording stage until you are 100% satisfied we are ready to go.


Your own hypnosis recording tailored to your EXACT sports requirements, situation, personality, and circumstances. It can also be made to suit your lifestyle for daytime, bedtime, car or office use.


The recordings can also be specifically made to suit your individual lifestyle - for those who prefer to use their recordings in the daytime, bedtime, in car or even office use.

$100 of Bonus Extras!
This includes the following free inclusions:
- a bedtime version
- a night-time subliminal
- a motivational car recording
- The Power of Belief

5 recordings in total (valued at $195) - all-inclusive for just $94.95 - lifetime benefits, tailored purely for you - to suit your exact needs. 

This price includes the writing and editing of your hypnosis script, the audio recording of your script, and the uploading of the mp3s to the server, for you to download immediately, and use on any device.


Click below to get started - and I will be in touch shortly with the first draft of your personal hypnosis script!  Or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Mental Training for Peak Performance

Personal Custom Hypnosis Recording


Your own:
* Daily Hypnosis / Visualization Recording
+ $100 in Bonus Extras (some on mp3 only), including:
- Bedtime Version
- Night-time Subliminal
- Motivational Car Recording
- The Power of Belief

* 1 Year Guarantee

* Plays on all devices