Break Through. Thrive.

Program Yourself for Success with Mental Training
& Dominate Your Sports Performances

Putting in the hard work - but not getting the results? No problem.

Athletes don't get what they deserve - they get what they expect. Belief is crucial to success.


Mental training not only brings out your best performances - it overcomes the obstacles.. -

* nerves
* doubts
* fears
* negative thoughts
* concentration issues
* lack of belief
* self-sabotage
* intimidation
* lack of consistency

Once you clear those away, the path to success becomes much clearer.

What you focus on, expands.

Hard work does not guarantee success - you need a champion's mind to power the body.

This is because the mind controls the body, not the other way around. It's all about how your inner computer is wired.

Not only do I work with you (via a Skype session) to create a mental training program that suits your exact needs, I also ensure our work continues over the year afterwards - with:

* the creation of a set of powerful customized theta-level hypnosis recordings, designed personally for you, FREE of charge (valued at $149).

This is mental training targeted purely for you, to help you reach your highest levels of performance. This training works for everyone, and there are very few sports I have not worked with, over the past 25 years - though the training works just as effectively, regardless.

It is designed to transform results over the weeks, months and years ahead.

  Your Mind is Like a Ferrari

Your Mind is Like a Ferrari

It has truly amazing abilities to create peak performance, via the mental state known as The Zone.

But we are not given a user’s manual to this powerful mechanism - which is much like driving a Ferrari around all day in first gear.

It's time to start cruising down the freeway.

Because if you do what you've always done, you will get...
what you've always got.

As your mind controls most aspects of your life, your beliefs can either limit you, or power you forward.

Mind Training Benefits

Just a Few of the Benefits..

* Goal Achievement
* Moving Beyond Intimidation - performing with greater belief against bigger or tougher opponents
* Access the 'Zone' - your ultimate peak level of performance on the mat, by working at your body's control center
* Consistency - bring out your best on the big occasions
* Reinforce & automate technical skills,techniques
* Anticipate your opponent's moves in advance
* Deeper Focus - and ignoring distractions
* Recovery of confidence after injury
* Handling Pressure
* Breaking Negative Patterns
* And countless others..  PLUS:

Your Own Customized Theta-Level Hypnosis Recordings

The 4 or 6 session packages include the creation of a powerful hypnosis recording personalized to your exact needs, which will allow you to continue the benefits even long after our sessions are completed (nb. single-session bookings can be purchased with, or without, custom recordings).

  Keys to our Success

Transformation happens from the inside, out. Become crystal clear of your path ahead, and confidently handling the challenges.

We often invest in cars, devices and technology, yet the most valuable resource you will ever have... is yourself.

Live Video (or Voice) Skype sessions - on Smartphone, PC or Tablet

These consultations are available from the privacy of your smartphone, tablet or PC - for those who would like a live one-on-one session with Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp.)

Craig Townsend bio

About Craig

Craig Townsend has been renowned for his work in elite sports the past 25 years - founder of in 1999, clinical hypnotherapist, mental trainer, author, speaker, and creator of groundbreaking hypnosis & brainwave entrainment products.

He has worked with international level athletes for several decades through to top professional level, and his mental training programs utilized by Olympic and professional athletes, national / state coaches, associations and university teams.

His book Mind Training for Swimmers was elected top 5 must-reads by World Swimming Magazine, worked as a mental trainer at the Athens Olympics, and his articles have been published by elite sports publications & establishments around the world - eg. the Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association (ATP / WTA players), 'Swimming In Australia' - the official Journal of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, (Italian) Nuotare Magazine etc.

He blends sound problem-solving and logic with relevant mind techniques, to provide clarity and a clear pathway ahead - delivered with his customary positive outlook and gentle motivational humor.

While you will feel increasingly motivated and positive about your path ahead, these consultations go way beyond short-term motivation - focusing upon strengthing self-reliance and achieving long-lasting results.

Craig possesses vast experience in the numerous methods of tapping the mind's potential to overcome personal barriers, achieve goals, and bring about accelerated results.

All sessions are of utmost confidentiality and privacy. Click the button below to find available timeslots - or see more info further below - or

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More Info

What Happens During the Session?

Sessions are generally relaxed and informal - with plenty of chat both ways, as Craig puts together the strongest options for navigating you successfully towards your goals.

How Often Should I Have A Session?

Generally a minimum of a one week break between sessions is advised, with increasing spacing between sessions as we go along, to give you time to put the session into real-life practice.

How Many Sessions Should I Have?

This depends upon what you desire to achieve. The four or six session sports packages include a set of customized hypnosis recordings personalized to your exact needs, which will allow you to continue the benefits even long after our sessions are completed.