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Male Impotence

Also known as erectile dysfunction, this is a worldwide and common issue for many males, and the answer lies in the same location as the issue itself - the subconscious mind.

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Female Climax

A surprising number of women have trouble achieving climax without drugs or treatments, but the true (and permanent) answer lies in the mind, which is the body's natural sexual control center.

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Premature Ejaculation

Early climax is another common issue for men - and the greater effort to prevent it, only causes even more stress.  The key is to relax - and reprogram your sexual control center.


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Fear of Intimacy

Overcome the pattern of fear of intimacy and open your life to closer and more intimate relationships.

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Custom Sexual Hypnosis

Target Your Exact Sexual Needs - With a Set of MP3 Recordings Created Just for You - Discretion Assured.

We create many personalized sexual recordings every week for all kinds of intimate issues, compatibility, fetishes, BDSM, LGBTI, etc - created to your exact personal requirements (includes $100 of bonus extras). 

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