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  Male Impotence

Also known as erectile dysfunction, this is a worldwide and common issue for many males, and the answer lies in the same location as the issue itself - the subconscious mind.

Male Impotence / Sexual Anxiety Disorder / Erectile Dysfunction Hypnosis

  Female Climax

A surprising number of women have trouble achieving climax without drugs or treatments, but the true (and permanent) answer lies in the mind, which is the body's natural sexual control center.

Male Impotence / Sexual Anxiety Disorder / Erectile Dysfunction Hypnosis

  Premature Ejaculation

Early climax is another common issue for men - and the greater effort to prevent it, only causes even more stress.  The key is to relax - and reprogram your sexual control center.

Premature Ejaculation Hypnosis

 Fear of Intimacy

Overcome the pattern of fear of intimacy and open your life to closer and more intimate relationships.

Fear of Intimacy Hypnosis

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 Custom Sexual Hypnosis

Target Your Exact Sexual Needs - With a Set of MP3 Recordings Created Just for You - Discretion Assured.

We create many personalized sexual recordings every week for all kinds of intimate issues, compatibility, fetishes, BDSM, LGBTI, etc - created to your exact personal requirements (includes $100 of bonus extras). 

Custom Sexual Hypnosis Recordings