Improve Your Memory Recall and Mental Clarity - with Hypnosis

The mind is a massive computer, and remembers everything - it is simply a matter of providing the right commands to your subconscious, to recall whatever information you desire.

Looking to Sharpen Your Memory Recall, Quickly and Easily - as well as Mental Alertness, Clarity, Quickness and Sharpness?

No problem. Your subconscious clearly remembers every single detail that has happened in your entire life - it doesn't miss a thing.

Improve Memory Recall, Speed, and Mental Clarity with Hypnosis  

Developing a stronger memory is simply a matter of 'tweaking its settings' so the information passes through to your conscious awareness more easily.

Your mind has the ability to retain and recall enormous amounts of information, and this enormous "filing cabinet" of your subconscious mind stores all the information you require, and when commanded with hypnosis, will deliver this information to you whenever you need it.

It is the inner computer within your mind which will deliver whatever information you need - in fact, the very first computer ever created was modeled on the subconscious mind.

When programmed correctly, your subconscious responds to your request to recall information stored in your memory bank, sending the information via electrical impulses to your conscious mind. As soon as this happens, you remember the information, immediately.

The subconscious controls your mental processes, and stores every piece of information you take in - yes, even from the very moment of your birth, onwards!

It contains everything you need to know - all it needs is to be activated so that you can access the information you require, quickly and easily.

As the subconscious works much like a computer, you can tweak its settings so it runs more efficiently and helps you achieve all your daily mental requirements, and think more clearly and easily.

It is for this reason I created a powerful memory hypnosis recording which is designed to boost recall, mental clarity and alertness.

This is achieved using a combination of relaxation, positive hypnotic suggestion and visualization, which establish a more powerful connection to the vast filing cabinet of your mind.

Mind Training Benefits

Major Benefits:

* Deeper Mental Clarity

* Faster Speed of Recall

* Greater Mental Alertness

* Greater Conscious Awareness

* Reduces Stress and Increases Relaxation

The benefits of this hypnosis recording - which reduces stress and improves relaxation, include greater:

The process is simple, as you simply take a seat in a relaxed position, and listen to the recording through earpieces or headphones, while your subconscious mind absorbs the recorded hypnotic suggestions. This recording deepens and becomes more effective each time you use it.

It is used by students, business managers, sales people, the elderly, and people simply wanting a sharper memory for regular life use.

The Mind Training for Enhancing Memory mp3 hypnosis download is just $29.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch!

$75 in Bonus Extras!

1. This program now also comes with a complementary Bedtime Version (value $25) of the main recording, which now provides a night option - where you can do the hypnosis in bed, and then drift off to sleep.

2. Now also includes a quick '9 Minute Booster' you can use when pushed for time (valued at $25) - to get yourself into the Zone when you need to be at the top of your mental game.

3. Sleep Subliminal (& a deeper night's sleep)(valued at $25) - which will help you sleep more easily and deeply, while powerful hypnotic suggestions - identical to those used in your daily hypnosis recording - play silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack, which increases your mind's absorption of the positive suggestions.

Your powerful subconscious silently goes to work on it day and night 24/7 - yes, even in your sleep!

12 month guarantee

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Your MindTraining Program Includes:

- Your Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
* Plus Bonus Recordings:
- Night-time Sleep Subliminal
- Bedtime version
- 9 Minute Booster

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