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The body's powerful immune system - which contains a natural drug store of healing chemicals - is controlled  by the subconscious mind. This hands us a level of control over our health...

Better Study and grades

  Weight Loss

Our body's metabolism is controlled by our subconscious, and so we can influence, and reset, our body's inner blueprint - and release excess body weight easily and effortlessly.

Weight Loss Hypnosis


Switching off our mind's thoughts and reaching the deeper levels of relaxation are essential to drop off to sleep, but sometimes our mind needs a reminder of how to do this efficiently, each night.

Insomnia Sleep Subliminal Hypnosis


Boosting your body's powerful immune system to full efficiency is a way of ensuring your body's natural defenses are mobilized to their maximum level.



Deep meditation melts away anxiety and stress, and allows calmness and peace to flow through your mind and body, and re-establish your mind's clarity and inner control once more.

Anxiety Meditation


Overcome symptoms of menopause with hypnosis, by going to the very source of your body's physical control center - your subconscious mind.


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 Custom Hypnosis

Target Your Exact Fears - With a Set of MP3 Recordings Created Just for You - Full Discretion Assured.

We create many personalized recordings every week for all kinds of issues - created to your exact personal requirements (includes $100 of bonus extras). 

Custom Hypnosis Recordings

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