Fears & Phobias Index - Hypnosis

  Fear of Intimacy

Break free of the one-night stands and barriers to intimacy, and begin creating deeper relationships, and feeling safe to be yourself and let down your guard with the right person.

Fear of Intimacy Hypnosis

  Fear of Flying

Overcome fear of planes, flying, taking off, landing, and the entire airport experience - and free yourself to the fun and joy of travel.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

  Fear of Heights

Release your fear of heights and feel comfortable, relaxed and safe on balconies, viewing platforms, at the top floor of tall buildings, etc.

Fear of Heights / Vertigo Hypnosis

  Fear of Crowds

Open up your world by overcoming agoraphobia, and feel safe and secure when out and about in your day.

Fear of Crowds / Agoraphobia Hypnosis

  Public Speaking

People have often rated their fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death.  But it can be easily overcome with hypnosis.

Fear of Crowds / Agoraphobia Hypnosis

  Dating Anxiety

Overcome dating anxiety, increase confidence and self-assurance, project your true personality, and relax and enjoy your dates from now onward.

Fear of Dating Hypnosis

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