Program Yourself For Success -
A Personal Custom-Made Hypnosis Recording, For Your Exact Needs

or Custom Recordings for Business

* Target Any Areas You Wish - Health, Personal, Business, Personal Development, Study, Sports, Sexual Problems, etc etc.
* Also includes 3 additional bonus (custom) recordings to complement your daytime recording (extras valued at $75)
* 1-3 days to completion - receive on mp3 or CD

Need to achieve a particular personal, sporting, health, study, business or professional goal? Create a new mindset? Overcome a challenge, situation, phobia or affliction? We create hypnosis recording for them all, targeted specifically to you - effectively, and quickly.

Get your own personalized, custom made hypnosis recording to program yourself for success - from the inside out.


Key to Success - Get A Personal Custom Made Hypnosis Recording - For Your Exact Needs  

This can be easily arranged for you within a few days, and created personally by Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp.) who will create the perfect hypnosis recording tailored to you and your exact needs.


First of all, we write the hypnosis 'script' that we will use for your recording - but to ensure we target the hypnosis perfectly to your own personal situation and requirements, you are emailed the various the updated versions of the script (as it develops), which you are able to edit and personalize

The script is then recorded, but only when you give final approval that you are 100% satisfied, that it covers everything you require.


We can also make the recordings flexible to your lifestyle - eg. depending if you would use the recordings more during the day, or at night in bed, as well as in the car, at the office, etc. 


These recordings include the following free inclusions, valued at $75 - an added bedtime version, night-time subliminal, plus a motivational car recording) - 4 recordings in total - all-inclusive for just $94.95 (value $170) - lifetime benefits, tailored purely for you - to suit your exact needs.


The recordings provided by mp3 download (or on CD if you prefer), so you have the freedom to use them on any device, smartphone or tablet you wish.


The main benefits of custom recordings are:

* They Address Specific Issues Which Require a Customized Solution

* Multiple Issues - we can address multiple issues with the one recording - eg. weight loss, confidence, and a health issue - or business success, stress management, and motivation to train at the gym.. whatever issues you wish to work on.

* You Are In Complete Control of your Recording - you have complete control over the content in the hypnotic suggestions and visualization on your recording.

* Relaxation Background Music - Beautiful binaural background relaxation music is added to your personal hypnosis recording to increase relaxation.

* Instant Download or CD - your recording is either sent to you by email for instant download, for use on iPods / mp3 players / iPad, mp3 player (or mp3 compatible cell phones), burned to CD or played directly from your computer - or mailed to you on CD.

* Save Hundreds of Dollars in Consultations - private consultations with hypnotherapists can cost a lot of money

* Convenience and Total Privacy - address issues that you wish to remain private, and use your personalized hypnosis recording any time of the day from the convenience of your own home

* Full Instructions & Customer Support Provided - you will be provided with full instructions on how to use all of your hypnotic recordings, and any questions you may have will be answered clearly and promptly.

While other practitioners routinely charge up to $1500 for custom recordings (yes, you read that correctly ; ) our large client base allows us to create these at greatly reduced prices.


Your personal custom hypnosis recording, which includes the writing of your personal hypnosis script, recording your script, creating your mp3s, and making the recording available to you by download (or CD) is just $94.95.


$75 of Bonus Extras!

1. A bonus Bedtime version of your main recording, which you can drift to sleep to after it is finished (value $25).

2. a complementary 'night-time subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - of your own hypnotic suggestions, which you can play at night as you go to sleep. Powerful hypnotic suggestions - identical to those used in your daily hypnosis recording - play silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack, which increases your mind's absorption of the positive suggestions.

3. a complementary additional 'car recording (valued at $25) - which you can safely play in the car for additional motivation or reinforcement on the way to work.

Your powerful subconscious silently goes to work on it day and night 24/7 - yes, even in your sleep!

"It made an amazing difference to me to have a recording that mentioned me by personally by name, directed to my own goals".
B. Jamison  

* MP3's download & play on multiple devices, smartphones, tablets, PC's.


To begin your training program in 5 minutes, you can order your mp3 download (or CD) by simply clicking the button below, for our secure server.


The following process takes place:
1. Your order will be processed instantly and securely (all credit cards or PayPal account).
2. You will be prompted to click through for more info, where you are directed to email details / info to Craig about the type of recording you require.
3. You will instantly receive your official email receipt, from PayPal.




Personalized Custom Hypnosis Recording














Custom Hypnosis Recording



* Plays on all devices