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Sales income Sales

Sales success comes from the inside, out - because real confidence and belief are something you must naturally possess, and exude to your customers subconsciously.



public speaker Public Speaking

Public speaking for work often creates anxiety.  The key is to turn that anxiety into controlled anticipation, relaxation, and calm expectancy - and this is best achieved through hypnosis.


Sales income Study / Grades

Strengthen your study, grades, concentration, focus, memory, motivation to study, ability to focus for longer periods, greater relaxation before exams, and much more - using your own personal mental 'reviver' in study breaks.


keys to leadership success Leadership

Leadership has unique demands of your team management skills and time management.  These can be enhanced automatically through regular hypnosis.


Learning foreign languages Learning Languages

Learning languages deals with the subconscious almost more than through conscious learning, as your memory bank resides within the subconscious mind. Learn to access it at will.


Sales Copywriting Sales Copywriting

Get into your optimum mindset increase creativity, time management, ideas, intuitively tune into target audiences & clients, write compelling copy, incerase conversions and sales, with supreme mental efficiency.


  Singers / Stage Performers

Singers and stage performers have a unique level of stress to deal with in order to bring out there best when it counts most.

Singers / Stage Performers

Custom Hypnosis for Business /  Work

For a more personalized solution to your business needs - a customized approach and personalized hypnosis recording is the answer.




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