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Private Consultations with Craig Townsend

Deep down at the subconscious level - we already know the answers. It is simply a matter of gaining clarity, and allowing the answers to come through, to illuminate the path ahead.

Live Video (or Voice) Skype sessions - on Smartphone, PC or Tablet

These consultations are available from the privacy of your smartphone, tablet or PC - for those who would like a live one-on-one session with Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp.)

Mind Training Benefits

About Craig

Craig Townsend has worked in personal growth, stress management and elite sports the past 25 years - founder of as well as clinical hypnotherapist, mental trainer, author, speaker, and creator of groundbreaking brainwave products.

Craig promotes self-awareness which allows you to progress forwards and realize your own potential.   He blends sound problem-solving and logic with relevant mind techniques, to provide clarity and a clear pathway ahead - delivered with his customary positive outlook and gentle motivational humor.

While sessions make you feel motivated and positive about the path ahead, these consultations go way beyond short-term motivation - focusing upon strengthing self-reliance and achieving long-lasting results.

Craig possesses vast experience in the numerous methods of tapping the mind's potential to overcome personal barriers, achieve goals, and bring about accelerated results..

Just a Few of the Benefits..

* Goal Achievement  * Mental Clarity   * Overcoming Emotional Barriers / Blockages / Habits   * Releasing the Past   * Strengthening Self-Belief   * Creating New Habits   * Calm Positive Mindset   * Problem Solving   * Stronger Relationships   * Stress Management   * Being Authentic   * Handing Pressure   * Breaking Negative Patterns   * And countless others..

It's time to exit the back streets - and start cruising down the freeway.

All sessions are of utmost confidentiality and privacy, and may cover a wide range of topics - eg. personal issues, mental training for your sport, anxiety, or any of the wide range of subjects we cover on our website.

Transformation happens from the inside, out. Become crystal clear of your path ahead, and confidently handling the challenges.

We often invest in cars, devices and technology, yet the most valuable resource you will ever own, is.. yourself.

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What Happens During the Session?

Sessions are generally relaxed and informal - as this has the double value of allowing issues to release, while also providing Craig with the background information he requires to offer the strongest options for navigating you successfully towards your goals or preferred outcomes.

How Often Should I Have A Session?

Generally a minimum of a one week break between sessions is advised, with increasing spacing between sessions as we go along, to give you time to put the session into real-life practice.