Privacy Policy's policy has always been that we do not rent, sell or disclose any information whatsoever - about our customers, clients, and those who sign up to our email newsletters - to any third parties, as we take the utmost care in totally protecting your information. 

This also extends to financial information supplied for product purchases, where no-one from, or its staff, ever access any financial or credit card details whatsoever, as these are exclusively handled by PayPal with their online security and encryption.


In short, this website, and all of its staff:


* do NOT collect, share, sell, rent or disclose any information about our customers for the purpose of marketing, or profiting from this information in any way

* Those who willingly opt-in to our email newsletter may receive a periodic email from us - and us, only - never any third parties

* do NOT place cookies on your computer

* do NOT view, have access to, or store financial or credit card details, of purchasing customers - as PayPal processes all payments (you may also wish to read PayPal's privacy policy).

You can contact about any privacy issues with our Contact Form above.



















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