Power & Accelerate Your Swimming Results - with Mental Training / Hypnosis (Pool, or Open Water)

In a sport where a split second is an eternity, swimming is more competitive than it has ever been. And so it has become a massive race to find that something extra - a secret weapon.

Are You a Swimmer or Coach Looking For That Extra 'Edge' - To Power Up At the Swim Meets?

Swimming / swimmers mental training / hypnosis

Mental training and self hypnosis techniques have become an enormously powerful weapon in swimming - where instinctive and automatic movement is so essential to success for swimmers.

When pool or open-water swimmers of similar stroking and physical skills meet in competition, their mental strength decides the winner.

Training your mind allows you to swim more confidently with a clearer and calmer mind, and fully executing all your strokes freely and with greater authority.

Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Benefits (Pool & Open Water):

* Drops time when it matters most - in the big meets

* Accelerates mastery of new stroke techniques

* Deals with plateaus in times / slumps in form

* Accesses the Zone- the mental swim state that delivers fastest times

* Lets go of negative / emotional thinking

* Overcomes self-sabotage in swim meets

* Moves beyond intimidation from bigger / more confident swimmers

* Deals with pre-race nerveseffectively at the meets

* Overcomes sleeplessness the night before a big event

* Relaxes the mind from excessive worrying about tiny / uncontrollable issues

By bringing regular mental training in your normal practice routine, your attitude, expectation of success, belief, consistency, and most of all, your times and results in the pool - in both practice and the swim meets - quickly begin to transform.  Everything goes up - except your times!

Our enormously popular mp3 program gives swimmers the ability to mentally rehearse their swims, using a race 'visualization' - as this transfers directly into confidence in your stroking ability, and increases belief.

  Keys to Success

Visualization involves regularly and realistically picturing in your mind the exact way you want to perform during a race - this helps to pre-program performance before you go out to race.

Importantly, you are able to customize the visualization each time, to suit your next race, or competition.

As well as the hypnosis / visualization recording, there is a 45 minute Essential Information recording outlining the program, and how the mind and body work together when you are training your mind for success in the pool.

This particular program has been used around the world for nearly two decades by universities, swim schools, coaches and coaching associations - suitable for all ages and standards, intermediate to elite levels, and young and adult competitors - to transform results over the weeks and months ahead.


"I am writing at the request of my daughter. She has used the program for one month and has seen amazing progress each and every meet. She competed in her first high school sectional yesterday. She cut nearly 8 seconds from one race and 2 from another--both these time cuts were enough to qualify her for a national level meet. 

We asked what she attributed this to, and without hesitation, she said "Craig Townsend".  She is faithful to the program and truly feels her success is attributed to you (and her continued hard work). I'd be glad to let the world know about your amazing program and how grateful we are that we found it. Thank you, again, for all you've done. Your program is nothing short of amazing.
Amanda Love, USA

"I have listened to your program a number of times now and I am most impressed. I also gave it to a friend who used to be a National swimmer and she too thought it was excellent. This is a program I would encourage coaches encourage their top and elite swimmers to buy".
Peter Ruddock
* Aust. National Accreditation Swimming Coach Level III
* Life Member Australian Swimming Coaches Association Victorian Branch
* Convenor of the Victorian Swimming Coaches' Education Committee 15 yrs
* Australian Swimming Coaches' Association Award for "Contribution to Teaching of Swimming".

"Thank you so much for putting so much time into this mental training program, it has helped me a lot - I owe you a large part of my success. Thanks again".
Stephan Robberson
International Guatemalan Swimmer
Holder of CentroAmerican record in 50 breaststroke and 5 gold medals at CentroAmerican Level

Mind Training for Swimmers - both the Pool and Open Water versions, are designed to overcome mental barriers and allow competitors to drop time and reach their full potential, when it counts most.

While some prefer to get a personalized program for $135, these programs are instantly available by mp3 download for just $29.95 and work on all devices (or $7 more, for the CD).


Bonus Subliminal

For a short time, this powerful program also comes with a complementary additional 'Night-time Subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - which you can play at night as you go to sleep (great for insomnia too).

All you will hear is relaxation music - while your subconscious absorbs the powerful hypnotic suggestions playing silently underneath - and continues as you sleep. (NB. subliminal content is identical to the hypnotic content you hear clearly your main recording).

12 MONTH Unconditional Guarantee

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Bonus Night-time Subliminal

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