Become a Supreme Basketball Player - with Mental Training

The mind is now a massive factor in basketball at the elite level, just as important as flawless passes, intercepts, shooting and speed - because it controls everything you do on court.  

Are You a Basketball Player Who Plays Just as Strongly Under Pressure As During a Big Match?

Or Just Looking to Supercharge Your On-Court Skills, Confidence and Performance?

Basketball mental training / hypnosis

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Advanced basketball allows little time for conscious thought, during the heat of a game - so many thoughts and actions are performed via auto-pilot, muscle-memory and experience. 

Champions know the subconscious is where their talent and on-court magic comes from - because it controls everything they do on court.

Trained correctly, it delivers massive belief, confidence, consistency, focus, and sharper on-court skills like passing, intercepts, shooting, intuitive rapid movement, anticipation, etc.

This is where all the magic come from. Regardless of the position you play, your subconscious mind is responsible for your greatest performances on court.

Accessing  Peak Performance on Court

Working with the all-powerful subconscious, you often click into "The Zone" while you are playing - the mental state which delivers the highest pinnacle of performance.

When you are in the zone, everything on court flows instinctively - everything you try comes off, you feel like you "cannot miss".

One of the most powerful ways of accessing your body's 'control center' is using visualization.  This involves regularly and realistically picturing in your mind the exact way you want to perform on court.    When used correctly, visualization has consistently shown to bring major improvement to any area of on-court performance. 

  Keys to Success

Steph Curry used visualization his entire playing life - from the age of 2 he played playing imaginary mental games about being a champion - including his grandmother actually playing the role of commentator.

By the time he was ready to play - his mind was primed and ready to go.

Mind Training Benefits

Scientific Testing of Mental Training

Visualization was even scientifically tested on basketballers at the University of Chicago.  In the study, players were tested on their free-throw ability, and then randomly placed in one of three groups. The first group practiced shooting free throws for an hour each day.

The second group visualized shooting free throws daily (no actual physical practice at all), while the third group didn’t practice at all.   After 30 days, all three groups took another free throw skill test - the players in the group that had practiced daily improved by 24 percent.

The players in the group that hadn’t practiced, did not improve. But the third group those who had only 'visualized' their training, improved by 23 percent - virtually as much as those who had physically practiced! 

Needless to say, by using visualization AND practicing, at the same time - improvement is extremely rapid.

There are very few elite players in the world who are not using mental training.

So when you add mental training to your physical training using powerful techniques like visualization - it helps you to break through the barriers and move to the next level.

The only sure way to ensure ongoing and consistent, day-in day-out success on court is to train at your body'control-center', your subconscious mind. 


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