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About: Craig Townsend, Founder / Owner of MindTraining.net

MindTraining.net was established in 1999 by Craig Townsend, Director of Its Mind over Matter - a clinical hypnotherapist, author, and who has worked in the area of mental training and personal development over the past 25 years.


MindTraining.net quickly established a strong reputation around the world in the areas of self help and sporting excellence, with their powerful hypnosis / visualization mp3 and CD programs which deliver impressive results, and its strong customer support and product advice.


MindTraining.net's director Craig Townsend has researched and experimented with the numerous methods of tapping the mind's potential over the past two decades.


MindTraining.net's programs utilize a powerful and unique blend of mental training techniques, to create highly effective mental training programs which have brought universally impressive results for two decades, to every corner of the globe.


MindTraining.net's programs combine hypnosis, auto and hetero-suggestion, deep relaxation, personal development, meditation, visualization, NLP, the world-renowned Silva Method (created by Jose Silva), motivation, positive thinking, mind/body medicine, Zen and other eastern philosophies.


Craig's articles have been published by major world sporting publications around the globe, and is a published author, and has created scripts and audio for several well-known brain entrainment programs.


He also creates custom-made hypnosis and self-help programs in the areas of stress management, weight loss, personal development, creating positive new habits and behaviors, success training, mental training for elite sports people, and overcoming habits, fears and phobias.


Craig's interests have also stretched beyond these areas however. He completed a Diploma in Travel and Tourism in 1988, and set the annual sales record for a major airline in his first and only year there. 


He also coached tennis for many years and played at top club level, which helped provide his deep insight into the sporting mind - and his vast knowledge of mental training techniques led him to work with a broad cross-section of the community in private practice, corporate talks and group seminars.


He has worked with cancer patients teaching meditation at various major hospitals, international athletes of professional and Olympic level, sports associations, and spoken to major business corporations - including Fujitsu, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Deloittes Thomatsu Chartered Accountants, and Comverse Network Systems World Group Annual Meeting in Thailand.


MindTraining.net services the USA, Europe, Asia and the world with powerful downloadable programs and CDs (which are mailed daily from Nevada), and uses the e-commerce giant PayPal for all its online secure transactions - and is committed to creating transformational programs to those who seek greater achievement in their lives.





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