Take Your Target Shooting To The Next Level (whether it's Rifle, Pistol etc) - with Mental Training & Hypnosis

The steady hand, the sharp eye, deep focus, and the calm mind - delivers your best performances when it counts most, under competition pressure.

Do Anxiety or Nerves Affect Your Target Shooting Performances During Competitions?

Or Are You a Shooter Just Looking To Improve Even Further?

No problem. Mental training allows you to take control of the nervous symptoms and perform with machine-like consistency.

Regardless of whether you are a rifle, air rifle, pistol or handgun shooter (or even a crossbow competitor), mental training through our hypnosis download strengthens performance right across the wide range of elite skills required to be successful.

When target shooting competitors of similar talent and skill meet, only their different levels of mental strength separate them - this is where mental training provides that vital X factor you are are looking for.

Probably the most important aspect of mental training is that you can customize and personalize the visualization to suit your exact needs, and your next competition.

This way you walk into your next competition feeling mentally prepared, because in your mind, you will have already 'performed' at that competition many times in advance. This allows you to feel comfortable and at home while you are shooting, rather than experiencing classic competition anxiety that forces a lot of shooters to seize up.

It is during this time you also reinforce your highest levels of technique, while helping you to learn new skills more quickly - and this boosts your confidence and inner belief.

This adds a whole new dimension to your rifle or pistol performances - a kind of "secret weapon" your opponents do not have at their disposal.

Rifle and pistol shooters at all levels seem to experience very similar mental challenges they need to overcome to succeed.

So when improvement in these areas is made at the inner 'software' level - which is where mental training does most of its work - the improvements can be dramatic, and the changes in shooting performance become more powerful, and permanent, than using other methods.

Shooters begin to perform to their fullest potential, overcoming long-term issues, increasing intensity and trance-like levels of concentration levels, honing and mastering technique, breaking out of slumps in form, and thriving under the pressure of competition conditions.

Tuning Your Mind for Rifle or Pistol Shooting Success

Tuning your mind allows you to more regularly access the mental state known as 'The Zone' when you are shooting, which produces your absolute peak of shooting skill and capabilities.

The performance begins to flow more instinctively and easily with less effort, and shooters react and perform at the peak of their powers - more intuitively, instinctively, powerfully and almost effortlessly - with naturally clearer thinking, deep focus and flawless technique.

Needless to say, mental training creates a major advantage over most shooting opponents who usually have little or no idea how to go about training their body's "control center", the subconscious.

Mental training brings fresh, positive, powerful new possibilities - because it works at the very control-center of all your shooting performances, the subconscious mind - which houses every shooting experience in its vast memory bank.

Those who are equipped with both strong physical shooting skills - plus who are also mentally tough - become a true force to be reckoned with, at any level of shooting competition.

However, mental training is not always easy to do without some support and guidance. It was for this reason I eventually created a program which could easily be used by rifle or pistol shooters alike - as the visualization is customized by the shooter themselves for their particular type of target shooting.

This has allowed all kinds of shooters using rifles, air rifles, shotguns, pistols, airsoft pistols, revolvers, other handguns and even crossbows - to use our mental training program easily and successfully.

It is designed to help shooters to create the internal "wiring" changes necessary to improve their belief, positive expectancy, and create a powerful inner blueprint for the body to follow in rifle or pistol shooting competitions.

The Mind Training for Shooting mp3 hypnosis download is just $29.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch! Or $7 more for CD including postage all over the world, from Nevada.

Bonus Extra!
This program now also includes a complementary additional 'night-time subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - which you can play at night as you go to sleep. Consciously, all you will hear is the beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack - meanwhile your subconscious mind hears and aborbs the powerful hypnotic suggestions - identical to those used on your main hypnosis recording - playing subliminally and silently underneath.

Your powerful subconscious silently goes to work on it day and night 24/7 - yes, even in your sleep!







MindTraining.net's renowned unconditional, iron-clad 100% 12 month moneyback guarantee
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Your MindTraining Program Includes:
- Introduction
- Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
- Bonus Night-time Subliminal

*NB. Two additional optional extras can also be accessed from the Members Area after purchase: "The Power of Belief" and a "Pre-Performance Motivator", valued at $40.

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"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is unlimited"
Craig Townsend






  Target shooting mental training  
"Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation". Michael Jordan
Mind Training for Shooting
mp3 Download



- Introduction
- Hypnosis / Visualization
- Bonus Night-time Subliminal

Hi Craig. You will be glad to know that I excelled in all India Nationals Skeet shooting championship, using your hypnosis recording.  I beat all experienced shooters with a score of 108/125 of my state who shot in their low 90's. This I achieved in 5 months with 4000 cartridges, in a new sport with a gun that didn't fit, and I came 15th in my country. For someone in their late forties, it shows me the mind is truly unlimited'. 
L. Khan (name changed for privacy purposes).

"Just a short note to let you know how your program has helped me. I am long range precision rifle (F-Class T/R) competitor. I was a fairly good marksman previously, but now I feel unbeatable, with a laser like focus, just like your positive reinforcement states as such. I’ve had 3 first place wins in my past three 600 yard matches, besting the 2nd place finisher by a good margin. I also came within one point of setting a new national record here in the US. Thank you for the good information and program. It was exactly what I was looking for to take me to the next level and it has". Take care,  Charlie, USA

"I notice I'm more relaxed as I'm firing. Flinching has been a big problem for me, and nothing helped. That definitely seems to be improving, after just a few weeks. I will keep you posted".
P. Tasker, TX

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