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"Whatever the Mind can conceive and Believe, it can Achieve" 
          Napoleon Hill
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Banish Impotence & Performance Anxiety from Your Life - Forever with Hypnosis
Reclaim your Sexual Confidence & Freedom in Bed

Looking for an Effective, Natural and Drug-Free Way To Banish Impotence Permanently - from the Privacy of Your Own Home?

Then you are in the right place. Impotence is an unconscious habit, where we have no conscious control whatsoever - so it has to be erased at the control center.

By simply tweaking the mental 'settings' at your sexual control-center (your subconscious mind) - the symptoms simply evaporate, dissolve and disappear.

For the thousands of men and their partners who have contacted us, impotence (sometimes called sexual performance anxiety, or erectile dysfunction) is a very personal issue which plagues an enormous amount of men, of all ages, around the world - and often dramatically affects confidence and self-esteem levels.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and I have worked with a vast array of clients and sexual issues over the years, to help them overcome sexual issues and challenges, improve their love life, and realize their full potential in relationships.

Impotence, like many other issues, is simply a type of mental 'program' running on our internal software - in this case, a sexual performance anxiety program.

It runs within the computer of our subconscious mind, exactly the same way as a computer runs software - and giving the same result, again and again, until we change it - right at the very source.

This means that until the inner 'blueprint' is changed (as it is an involuntary action), the external sexual difficulties in bed tend to continue.

While levitra, viagra, cialis and other treatments can help to ease the symptoms, many people have told us drugs can often cause other problem issues, such as sleeping problems, embarrassment from after-effects, etc. 

Then there are also other treatments, such as the squeeze technique, vacuum devices, penile implants, and vascular surgery.... But most people find it better - and less intrusive - to deal with the very cause of the problem, and erase it forever, right at the control center.

Because impotence is involuntary, this means that no matter how much a sufferer consciously tries to achieve an erection, the subconscious stops it from happening.

In fact, with these condtions - the harder we try, often the worse it gets.

This can cause loss of self esteem, confidence, embarrassment and sometimes even a sense of loss of masculinity - regardless of the fact that you are certainly no less of a man for experiencing these common, worldwide symptoms.

There are very few issues which affect the male psyche as much as this one.

Because the symptoms are out of a man's conscious control,
this is why the 'cold turkey' approach is notoriously unreliable, and the issue often remains for months or even years, while so many men suffer in silence. 

Luckily, when impotence is addressed right at the very source of its programming - the subconscious level - it can be removed from your life remarkably easily, just like so many other deeply ingrained, unconscious habits.

y deleting the impotence issue right at its 'software' level - or control center - your mental circuits literally become "re-wired" so your body's automatic response to lovemaking are restored back to its natural settings - ie. naturally achieving male arousal and a strong erection.  

Yes, this is the only sure way to ensure the impotence never returns -
by removing the issue at the very source - forever, from mind and body. You can purchase the program here, or continue for more information on this topic. Or email us with any questions..

Reset Your Own Internal Wiring - And Restore Your Natural Sexual Settings

Some habits in our life become so firmly ingrained and automatic we no longer have easy "manual" access within our control to change them, by simply changing the externals.

And this is fairly true of impotence or sexual performance anxiety - which basically become an auto-pilot, automatic bodily response.

The subconscious is where all our habits, choices and internal wiring reside - where many of our mind's installed "programs" can be changed to better suit our healthy lives.

When it comes down to it, it's the mind that controls the body. And so even those who have suffered long-term symptoms of impotence, make remarkable transformations when they make the internal changes at the inner "wiring" or programming level.

The internal changes are necessary as otherwise the changes rarely last. Permanent change must always be made from the inside, out - before it truly becomes permanent.

Mental training and hypnosis also help improve our attitude, motivation and mindset, as having a positive expectation of success is also massively important to move beyond impotence and sexual problems.

At the deepest level, we tend to get what we expect rather than what we truly deserve.

The mind can just as easily work for us, or against us, purely depending upon how it is programmed - which is a type of self-sabotage.

So it's important that you have your mind programmed to serve your greatest needs, such as your right to enjoy a healthy loving sex life.

Impotence is one of the most destructive issues to a man's self esteem and confidence, and so it is an incredibly powerful affirmation of your own inner power and confidence when you are able to overcome it - permanently.

This applies even more so when the issue has been successfully removed by the sheer power of your own mind.

This is why I created the 'Mind Training for Freedom From Impotence' hypnosis recording, which makes the internal changes at the software level of the mind, to help people overcome sexual performance issues and regain control of their sex lives and self confidence.

The top 5 benefits of this powerful recording are:

  • No Visits! The Privacy and Convenience Of Your Own Home - you can use this recording in the convenience and privacy of your own home (plus now also a bonus free subliminal, to listen to at night as you go to sleep - more on this below!), saving the common embarrassment many men seem to experience from needing to repeatedly visit clinics.

  • Total Privacy and Discretion
    - Assured
    These can be played from the privacy of your iPod / iTunes / mp3 player, mp3 player (or mp3 compatible cell phones), burned to CD or played directly from your computer
    - and with the bonus free night-time subliminal (which you will hear about shortly) you have complete confidence of knowing no-one else can hear the content of the recording which is playing subliminally underneath the night-time relaxation music.

  • Safe, Easy and Natural - the daily program is completely safe and natural to the mind and body, allowing your own mind's natural processes to make the changes - which is the easy and healthy alternative to many solutions available these days.

  • Hypnotic Suggestions Designed to Cure Impotence at the Source - Forever. To strengthen sexual confidence, belief, relaxation, and emotional and bodily control.

    These powerful hypnotic suggestions go to work immediately upon your subconscious to re-program the mind to release impotence from your life, and move back towards strong healthy sexual performance.

  • The Recording Becomes More Powerful Each Day - hypnotic suggestions have been designed to make the recording become stronger and more effective each day.

  • Saves You Time and Money - it's the private, easy, healthy and safe alternative for the busy person - which saves the time and money required visiting clinics.

  • Other Health Benefits - the long-term benefits of a relaxed and healthy sex life, including major stress release and improved blood pressure, are well documented.

  • Automatic Relaxation - the recording places you into an easy and automatic state of relaxation perfect for hypnosis, to provide maximum effect for the hypnotic suggestions, and this relaxation becomes deeper and more automatic after continued use.

    Naturally you remain in complete control the whole time, and at the finish, you are easily guided back up to an awakened, refreshed state.

  • Unlimited Free Advice and Product Support - email me any time with any questions you may have in regard to your mental training, and I promptly reply with an answer and solution - all 100% privately and confidentially, guaranteed.

Once you have been using this program regularly for 4-6 weeks (or less), you will notice improvements in your sexual performance and a steady decrease in your current symptoms.

As the program becomes stronger the longer you use it, simply continue use until you are 110% happy with your results.

This recording can be used any time of the day, in the convenience of your own home, and can also be used on an ongoing basis for as long as you need - saving you the cost of private consultations which can often cost several thousand dollars.

No More Worries.....

"It was frustrating because it was affecting my relationship, because of how I felt about it, more than my partner. I had almost forgotten what it was like not to worry about how things were going to go tonight".
J. Johnson, MI

Try The Program Without Risk
Once you have been using this recording regularly, there are definite signs of improvement to look for - such as noticing longer and longer periods of time elapsing between symptoms, increased interest in sex and improved confidence and sexual performance, etc.  

Use the recording daily or as regularly as possible, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions along the way.  

The Mind Training for Impotence program contains a powerful hypnosis & visualization recording which is instantly available by mp3 download, so you have the freedom to use it anywhere you wish - including:

  • iPod / iTunes / mp3 player
  • Smart phones / iPhone / Android / Blackberry etc
  • burn directly to CD
  • or even played directly from your computer (both Windows and Mac), laptop or iPad.
  • at any time of the day or night!

The mp3 download is just $29.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch! Or $7 more for the CD, which are mailed daily from Nevada to most places around the world.

Bonus Extra!

This powerful hypnosis recording now also comes with a complementary additional 'Night-Time Sleep Subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - which you can play at night as you go to sleep.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions - identical to those used in your daily hypnosis recording - play subliminally and silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack, which increases your mind's absorption of the positive suggestions.

Your powerful subconscious silently goes to to work on it day and night 24/7 - yes, even in your sleep!

As with all our programs, you have the complete security of MindTraining.net's renowned unconditional, iron-clad 100% Moneyback Guarantee for 12 Months - so try the program without risk, and if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply contact us for a full refund - no questions asked!

The true value is the continuing benefits you gain - the ongoing benefits of these positive recordings continue to strengthen, and remain with you for life.

Plus, unlike the time and expense of regular hypnotherapy visits - you get constant 24/7 access to the recordings, to use at any time or whenever you happen to need it.

For those who seek a better quality sex life, the question to always ask is:"how will tomorrow be any different from today?" The answer is in the mind.

There's no risk involved except for the risk of a long-lasting and better sex life!

To begin your training in 5 minutes, you can order your download by simply clicking the button below for our secure server. The following process takes place as you receive your download:

  • Your order will be processed instantly by our secure server (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex or PayPal).

  • Your download instructions will appear immediately on the screen.

  • You will instantly receive your official receipt from PayPal, by email. 
Your Download contains the following:

A Quick Intro - recommendations for most effective use of your hypnosis recording.
Mind Training for Impotence Hypnosis / Visualization
BONUS Night-time Subliminal recording
(valued at $25)
100% Unconditional 12 Month Moneyback Guarantee

VIP MindTraining Membership -
Ongoing Lifetime 30% Discounts on our entire range of products, for yourself and your family in our MindTraining VIP Members Area.
Personal Product Support
by email direct from product creator, Craig Townsend

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Or click the link to go to the combined Impotence / Premature Ejaculation Pack ($49.95)

Or for the Impotence Hypnosis CD, click here

Or, you may prefer your own customized hypnosis recording, created personally for you (now reduced to $94.95) - more info here.

I look forward to hearing from you about how this recording has improved your life in so many different ways. Always remember, "the Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited".

All the best for an exciting healthy new sex life - for the rest of your life!

Craig Townsend, who runs Mind Training.net Craig Townsend, who runs Mind Training.net

Craig Townsend (Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis)
Director - It's Mind over Matter / MindTraining.net

Email Craig
Email Craig

P.S. After your online order, your download instructions will appear immediately on the screen. Your official receipt will be sent to you instantly by email.  

After receiving the program, you must be 100% satisfied or you can receive a full, immediate refund, absolutely no questions asked - simply by contacting MindTraining.net here.



(Please note the download is fully © Copyrighted by Craig Townsend of MindTraining.net - and cannot be legally distributed, or used for commercial purposes, anywhere else)







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