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Training Your Mind for Life Success

Peak Sports Performance with Hypnosis

Your potential is truly unlimited. Right now, you have access to the most powerful computer in the world, your subconscious mind - which controls every area of your life, 24/7. 

It controls our health, relationships, business success, sports performances.. everything.   It's patiently waiting for your instructions, and ready to help you achieve your goals, in any area of your life.   read more

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Peak Sports Performance with Hypnosis Peak Sports Performance with Hypnosis

The most important aspect is that you have the ability to customize it each time you use it, to perfectly suit your current situation. To see the menu of topics, click here to go back to the top of the page.

These results are brought about through a powerful combination of easy, proven mental techniques which bring consistently great results - and continue to do so.  read more

Full List of Sports / Mental Training Topics




Your Own Personal Custom Hypnosis Recording (mp3, or CD)

Created personally for your EXACT needs!  Any area of your life - health, success, sports mastery, business, anxiety, sexual issues, confidence, dating.. the list is endless - and we have made them all... 

Also includes a free Subliminal & Motivational version (valued at $50)

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Boost Your Self Confidence

Our levels of self esteem impact upon the opportunities we attract in every area of our life, including relationships, business success etc - so it is vital this inner confidence is nurtured.

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Effortless Weight Loss

Your subconscious mind controls your metabolism and immune system, and has the power to increase or decrease your body weight, simply depending upon how it is 'programmed'

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Overcome a range of sexual issues with hypnosis, in the privacy and convenience of your own home - by deleting and re-writing the issue at its very origin.


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Personal Growth

Accelerate your personal growth and development, in a variety of different ways - overcoming issues, mastering new aspects, and progressing forward with your journey.

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Strengthen Your Health

Your subconscious mind controls your body and its immune system - with its natural pharmacy of healing chemicals - and this gives you a level of control over many aspects of your body's health.

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Business Excellence

Take your business success to the next level by training the most powerful computer in the world - your Mind.

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Release many addictions from your life, by going to the very source of the issue - the subconscious mind. It's much like removing software and replacing it with a new, life-affirming version that works positively with every area of your life.

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MindTraining  Articles

Various articles on the Mind, hypnosis, the brain, how they affect your life, business, sports.. and much more - and how to use them for maximum effect in any area of your life.

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How Hypnosis Works

What is Hypnosis? What Can It Do? Am I in Control? Will it Work for Me?

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